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Outdoor Lighting in Woodlands, Texas

Enjoying your home and yard after sunset is a must-have in the warm winter climate of North Houston. With short winter days providing mild evenings to enjoy, it’d be a shame to have to go inside because of the sun setting. Whether you are in the market for exterior home lighting, path lighting, landscape lighting, or lighting for your outdoor living spaces, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston has just what you need. Our outdoor lighting experts provide custom outdoor lighting design, meticulous installation, and ongoing service and maintenance for your system.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Our outdoor lighting team of experts deploys a wide variety of outdoor lighting techniques to meet the unique needs of your home and property.

Uplighting is a real treat as we use focal lights to illuminate trees, unique landscape features, and even cast a wash of light up your home unique features such as columns.

Moonlighting is also known as down lighting. It is a fabulous way to cast light on a large area from a tree or other tall mounting point.

Wall wash lighting can be achieved from above or below but is used to highlight depth and texture of your home’s siding whether it be brick, stone, stucco, or otherwise.

Gutter-mounted lighting is used to highlight the upper stories of your home. Generally used to highlight a dormer or tall peak, these lights take your exterior home lighting from status-quo to wow.

Path lighting is a fan favorite as it creates a warm welcome, guiding nighttime visitors to your front door and also provides a lovely ambient wash of light across your landscape beds.

Hardscape lighting can be mounted right in your landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, or outdoor fire features for a subtle glow.

Deck lighting can be mounted on columns, atop posts, within stair risers, or under railings to make safety a breeze on your deck at night.

Permanent string lighting is also known as market lighting or festive lighting, but provides a year-round feeling of fun over your deck, patio, or other outdoor living space.

Custom outdoor lighting solutions are created and deployed as needed. Each home and property is unique and we pride ourselves in finding new solutions to meet the needs of every client.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

While we make sure the outdoor lighting fixture is simply a tool to make your outdoor areas shine, we do offer the best quality outdoor lighting available. No powder-coated aluminum that will peel and chip. Our copper and brass will patina to look even more lovely through the years and will withstand some bumps along the way.

Outdoor lighting is a must-have feature for giving your home nighttime curb appeal. It provides additional function at night, safe navigation, and added security. If you’re ready to enhance your home and property with the best outdoor lighting in North Houston, call us today. We serve Spring, The Woodlands, Magnolia and all of North Houston. (281) 402-3100

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