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Use Garden Lighting to Enjoy—And Show Off—Your Garden After Dark

Garden lighting is a powerful tool that gives you the freedom to enjoy your beautiful gardens at night. If that sounds strange to you, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston introduce you to the concept of outdoor lighting for your garden.

The power of garden lighting

Outdoor lighting bestows an interesting quality upon your garden. The right kind of lighting enhances the beauty of your flowers and makes them even more beautiful at night than they are in the daytime. Why is that? Nighttime lighting uses the contrast of light and shadow to create depth and texture that you don’t see in the daytime, and your flowers’ colors appear deeper in hue. The unlighted areas behind your flowers also provide a dark backdrop for contrast.

Notice we said “the right kind of lighting.” Bad outdoor lighting can be very bad. If you’re a Do-It-Yourself wizard, you may want to rethink that plan when it comes to garden lighting. In the hands of a trained and experienced lighting designer, North Houston garden lighting can be exquisite, even stunning at night. When you go to the home improvement store and see outdoor lights for sale, you may be led to believe that you can do the job yourself. That is usually not the case.

Leave garden lighting to the experts

We don’t mean to disparage your talents. If you have planted and nurtured your own flower gardens, you know that it has taken a good bit of trial and error to produce the beautiful flowers you have today. You may have taken classes or at least learned from qualified staff at the garden centers where you buy plants. Experience is a fine teacher. In that same vein, the professional lighting designers of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives have a distinct advantage when it comes to garden lighting. They have talent, they have training and they have experience.

Garden lighting is a type of landscape lighting, one of our specialties as outdoor lighting designers. We use professional-grade, hand-crafted lighting fixtures made of copper and brass. We use LED bulbs that are extremely energy-efficient and cast a pleasing glow instead of a harsh or glaring light. With several different lighting fixtures, we know which fixtures and which techniques will produce the desired effects in your garden.

Garden lighting is a beautiful collaboration

As lighting designers, we don’t just provide light fixtures and bulbs, we work with you to design the perfect lighting system to show off your flowers and plants. We will meet with you at your home and let you show us what aspects of your gardens you want to feature. The result is a beautiful collaboration of your gardening expertise and our lighting expertise.

With garden lighting, you can enjoy your garden at night. People who think outdoor lighting is mainly for the front yard to produce curb appeal are probably not gardeners, are they?

We are pleased to offer the best garden lighting to all of the North Houston areas including The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress and more. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. (281) 402-3100

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