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LED Outdoor Lighting Looks Great & Costs Less

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston, we firmly believe in the importance of responsible energy use. By providing The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress and all of North Houston with the best in LED lighting options, we make it easy for every home and business owner to lower their carbon footprint and electric bill. When adding or upgrading your outdoor lighting, the cost of running those lights is a huge consideration. You may have memories of a parent freaking out in January when the Christmas Lighting skewed the electric bill dramatically. Those days are over. With LED outdoor lighting, depending on the size of your property and lighting system, the cost of running the lights will have little impact on your monthly electricity costs. And better yet, LED technology has made huge leaps and bounds in the past decade, so it looks as good or better than traditional low-voltage and Halogen outdoor lighting.

Why Choose Houston LED Outdoor Lighting?

Gorgeous Nighttime Illumination

The main reason most people add LED outdoor lighting to their home and business is to create gorgeous nighttime views. Today’s LED lights are no longer bluish and offer gorgeous color and directional abilities not found in early versions. Whether it is to highlight the landscape and property, the buildings, or signage, LED outdoor lighting first and foremost looks fantastic!

Energy Efficient

Lowering the environmental impact of energy creation is as simple as using less energy. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston’s LED outdoor lights, you can use as much as 80% less energy than Halogen. You’ll enjoy beautiful lighting with fantastic color while reducing your carbon footprint.

Save on Lamp Replacements & Electricity

How often do you have to replace your outdoor lighting light bulbs? With our LED outdoor lighting, you’ll enjoy 10x the bulb life of Halogen. With 30,000-50,000 hours of life, LED outdoor lights need replacement so rarely that you may forget they’ll ever need it.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ LED Lighting

We know you have plenty of choices for companies to fulfill your LED outdoor lighting needs. We appreciate you considering us and want to make sure you know how much we care. To exemplify our caring nature, we offer the best LED outdoor lights available. Our LED fixtures are made with no toxic materials. They also solve some of the performance challenges found in early LED lighting that you may still find in local retail shops. Best of all, they are made of solid copper or brass so there will never be flaking or peeling of the finish, just a lovely weathered patina that looks great in every landscape. Check it out:

Even Longer Lamp Life

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers longer lasting LED outdoor lights than any other lighting company. Our patent-pending technology separates the electronics of the fixture from the light source, reducing the amount of heat the LED bulb is subjected to each day. Reducing this heat allows the light bulb to last even longer.

Changeable Led “Bulbs”

Did you know many LED outdoor lights have to be discarded when the LED lamp burns out? Reducing waste is as important as conserving energy, that is why our LED outdoor light bulbs can be changed. Not only does this save you from wasting when the lamp life comes to an end, it also allows for more versatility in design as we can choose more narrow beams depending on the usage of each light.

Led Retrofitting

We love to design and install custom LED outdoor lighting systems. That being said, we take our leadership role in responsible energy use very seriously. To meet those goals, we offer LED outdoor lighting retrofits. Meaning we can upgrade most existing low-voltage and Halogen systems to LED for a more cost-effective solution than an entire new LED outdoor lighting system. You’ll enjoy a lower electric bill, lower maintenance costs, fewer bulb replacements, and longer warranties.

Are You Ready for LED?

If you think you’re ready for an LED outdoor lighting system at your North Houston home or business, give us call today! (281) 402-3100 We offer free nighttime demos so you can see to believe!

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