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Magnolia Landscape Lighting Enlightens Your Home’s Curb Appeal at Night

Magnolia landscape lighting companyFrom Cimarron Creek Estates to Indigo Lake Estates and everywhere in between, Magnolia is an idyllic bedroom community where residents can escape the hustle and bustle of Houston. With great schools, fabulous choices for restaurants and shopping, and plenty of parks, we have everything we need right here. A true escape from the city, creating a relaxing retreat at home is all about the right setting. And with such a gorgeous “winter” climate, often our best days are those that grow dark early.

Don’t let the darkness chase you in or mask your home’s gorgeous curb appeal. With professional landscape lighting, you can take the life you’ve built for yourself to a whole new level. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North Houston, we offer custom outdoor lighting design, meticulous installation, and premium service to Magnolia and the rest of North Houston. Check out the many options in outdoor lighting to get an idea of where you’d like to get started.

Lovely Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a lovely way to link your home and property together as one. With subtle uplighting on your trees, focal lighting on your favorite shrubbery, and a gentle wash of light onto your flower beds, it becomes clear to all who pass by or visit at night that your landscape is as well-loved as your home itself.

Magnolia’s Warmest Welcomes Start with Understated Path Lighting

Magnolia outdoor lighting companyGuiding visitors into your home is done safely and beautifully with stunning copper LED path lighting. Strategically placed to offer “just right” lighting for visibility, our lighting designers and installers will create a masterpiece of your paths, sidewalks, and driveways. Additionally, if you have a dark path around the back or side of your home, our path lighting is a perfect way to add safety and security around your entire property.

Exquisite Exterior Home Lighting Shows of Glorious Magnolia Living

While your landscaping is a stunning accent, your home is the star of the show. Don’t leave it in the dark after sunset. With our wall wash lighting to highlight your brick, siding, or stucco and uplights to reach the highest peaks — all your favorite architectural features will shine at night. The curb appeal you take such pride in during the day will enjoy an encore, every night.

Unforgettable Party Palace or Relaxing Retreat with Deck Lighting and Patio Lighting

Your home is not just about what people see from the outside, but how it functions for you every single day! We don’t stop at illuminating your home for aesthetics. Our patio lighting and deck lighting provides essential illumination for everyday relaxation or weekend parties that will never be forgotten. Much of our best weather happens when the sun sets early, don’t retreat indoors — enjoy your favorite outdoor retreat no matter when the sun sets.

Whether you’re looking for accent lighting, safety lighting, security lighting or outdoor lighting to improve your outdoor living, we will create a custom design to meet your unique needs. We are proud to offer meticulous landscape lighting design, installation, and service to the people of Magnolia, Texas. Call today for a design demonstration. (281) 402-3100

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